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Eclat Furnish

Eclat Furnish Buddha Oval Shape Water Fountain for Home, Office

Eclat Furnish Buddha Oval Shape Water Fountain for Home, Office

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Water Fountains add an essence of beauty and charm to your interiors. This Water Fountain By RajputE On 'Amazon' is not just limited to your living area, but can also be added as decor piece For Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining, Balcony and in the Office.
The sound of water fall from Water Fountain is believed to soothe and calm the ambience and also bring positive aura to the environment. It can also be a perfect gift for your colleagues, family and friends during events.
It brings peace, calm and positivity to your indoors. Indoor fountain For Home Decoration is an ideal gift with best wishes to your family, parents, friends, neighbours, etc.
We trust our products and assure to give you the best quality. Add this restful, Statue with tabletop fountain to your home or office to experience natural water sound.
It?s easy to close your eyes and imagine you?re near by a real river or stream This water fountain is made up of high quality material and will definitely add elegance to your Home/Office Dcor.


About this item

  • Material - Fiber
  • Colour- Grey.
  • Size : 3 Ft.
  • Flowing water symbolises prosperity and wealth, according to Feng Shui experts. So, not only does an indoor water fountain offer a focal point in your decor, it also promotes good fortune
  • Comes directly from the originators of such mesmerizing designs which depicts the crafting art of our country.
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